About Us

We are on a mission to simplify logistics in the warehousing industry.

We at StoreMart believe in making the logistic platform for the warehousing industry more user-friendly and cost-effective, and in providing the most convenient solutions. We are on a mission to be the driving force behind the transformation of India's warehousing industry from a primarily unorganized to a modern, technology-driven, organized sector.


Mobile App

AI-powered mobile app with additional features and options for exchanging commercial property data


Simplified Solutions

Simplified logistics solutions facilitating the storage industry where you can list, buy, sale, or lease your commercial properties on an online forum with the most simple and convenient solutions.

Company Power

“We is the power:Champions play as one”

The AI and ML developed for StoreMart is highly adaptable and durable, allowing visitors to find the best-suited storage space based on their commodity.

Modern Technology

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