Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 - Download StoreMart from Google Playstore. Step 2 - Login with Mobile Number and OTP provided. Step 3 - register yourself with your Name and email Id. Step 4 - Select your Prefer Language. Step 5 - Choose your User Type, whether Guest,Owner,3PL/SCM, Distributor, Corporate, Agent etc. Step 6 - In Corporate ,3PL/SCM enter the all mandatory field in company details. By following above steps you will get registered in StoreMart App.

Step 1 - Click on + (it shows on home page) icon or Add Property option in Menu Panel.(Menu panel is on left side corner) Step 2 - Read instruction and Proceed futher by clicking on Continue Step 3 - Click on Add New Property Step 4 - Select whether to Sell, lease or Both Step 5 - Select Property Type whether Individual, Complex and then select property type whether its Concrete, PEB, shade, Built to suite or Yard. Step 6 - Calculate your property area If you know the length and width then select "Yes" option. and if you don't know the warehouse length and width then using storemart eye you can calculate the area.

Storemart app will detect correct address automatically. If you have any problem with the address then please click on Update Location button at (Top right corner) to get the correct address. If you get any error while fetching floor type, you can chat or connect with storemart support team.

Please refer property documents for Length and Width or Area of property. Enter area and by using storemart smart eye area calculation can be done. There is a option to calculate area please select i don't know area, length and width

Step 1 - Click and capture the photo of floor . Step 2 - Click on get floor type. There is a dropdown option (options Tiles, Concrete, Trimex, Eproxy) provided to select correct floor type , if floor type is not auto detected and then click on submit. If you get any error while fetching floor type, you can chat or connect with storemart support team. "

Please ensure that you have a good network connectivity , take Hotspot If required. In case if you still face video processing issue you can chat or connect with storemart support team.

Please Restart your phone, and open app start your process from your previous steps. If you still facing issue you can chat or connect with storemart support team.

After Registering Property you will see download option as well as you will receive message and email on your phone you can download it from my orders . Step 1 - click on profile. Step 2 - Click on my order. Then You will find link to your invoice you can click the link and download the invoice

Open the storemart app, search properties and you can add upto five properties by clicking on favourites. then in menu panel click on comparison section and you can compare properties added in favourites.

Click on Buy Property / Lease Property on Home Page. after clicking on continue you can see the results. Displayed for buying and leasing the property

Before Opening the Storemart smart eye for area calculation you will get Instruction on your screen on how to use Storemart smart eye. After reading the instruction you will be able to used Storemart smart eye efficiently.

Yes you can. Step 1 - Click on my property button, then you can see your property in pending properties. Step 2 - then click on edit property.

Open Storemart App, Click on Profile,then select edit my profile, your mobile number will diplay and click on it then you can change your name email id and mobile number.

While adding your property, once you reach at the last page, choose Featured Property option and proceed for payment accordingly.

We provide only service, There is no refund policy

In case if the amenity is not available and you want to get added on Storemart app. you can chat or connect with our Storemart support team.

Please let us know what error you are facing so that we could assist you accordingly.

If OTP is not received you can chat or contact Storemart support team.

After contracting Storemart team will provide legal agreement.

During verification process if something is pending i.e picture, video, document you need to edit the property and upload the same. Post verification property will be the listed. In case of any query you can chat or connect with Storemart support team.

Open the Storemart App, Click on menu panel (Menu panel is on left side corner), then Click on my order to check your orders.

If you need to change your profile you can chat with us or contact with Storemart support team

You can search Properties by entering your location, i.e city, state, pincode, property id. (if you know property id)

You should have property id with you and yo can chat or contact Storemart support .